About Us

We are in central Arkansas, located in a community called Nimrod. Ireland Acres is a 35-acre farm where we raise Short Jack Russell’s and have numerous other livestock. Our Jack Russell terriers are part of our family, our companions and have our hearts! We have spent countless hours educating ourselves about the sought-after characteristics of this breed. Our dedication of hand selecting the top-quality dams and sires for our breeding program has provided us with top of the line “Jack Russell Terrier Puddings”. Ireland Acres JRT bloodlines come from some of the most well-known breeders in the United States. We provide the highest quality and healthiest puppies that we possibly can to our customers. Our JRT deserve to have loving homes therefore we require a contract. JRT are not only great companions they have abilities to be speedy agility dogs and feisty hunting buddies.  

We understand that bringing a Jack Russell Terrier home is a big decision and it comes with many responsibilities but the love and joy our Short Jack Russell’s will give you back is priceless!

We do not sale to pet stores, wholesale, brokers or research facilities….

Ireland Acres Jack Russell’s are proud members of the EJRTCA and follow their breeding standards.